• WSI Capital Fund I conducts activities in all of Poland, searching for investment goals mainly among well-managed enterprises with large growth potential. Moreover, in order to make full use of the capital potential, together with the Investor we have decided to expand the investment areas:
  • 80% of the portfolio will involve typical venture investments in companies at the stage of expansion, with an effective business model implemented,
  • 20% of the portfolio will be involved depending on the availability of attractive projects:
  • especially convincing seed and start-up projects,
  • restructuring projects, those which are synergic with the remaining investments of the Fund or particularly corresponding to the competences of the managing people at WSI Capital.
  • When searching for investment projects, we are open to new proposals from all branches which correspond with the strategy and policy of the Fund. We believe that our expectations with regard to the return rate, the uniqueness of an idea or approach to business, the managing team or market perspectives constitute natural selection against the proposals which in essence are far from our interests.
  • In our thinking, we lay large focus on the fluidity of assets and synergies between portfolio companies. We are most definitely interested in projects which may serve as foundations of competence centers, whose support we will use to make further investments.
  • A structure flattened to the maximum should provide companies quick access to decisions and capital.
  • The preferred form of our involvement is increasing company capital; we are less willing to become involved in projects which require the investor to buy out shareholders.