Our values


WSI Capital – Your added value

WSI Capital is a reliable business partner which guarantees high quality of cooperation, freshness of thinking, dynamics and optimum effectiveness in undertaking business activities.

We are independent, open and honest and for these reasons we build or business relations based on trust. We promise only that which we are able to deliver and we treat our promises as binding.

We count on entrepreneurship, team work and responsible investing which we understand as constantly searching for and implementing the most effective business solutions, synergy of the best team member qualities and determination in achieving set goals, as well as the involvement of our own and the investors' resources only in those undertakings which we understand and are able to effectively manage. more




The mission of WSI Capital is to build an effective investment entity which, thanks to the skilled application of knowledge, experience, business contacts and persistent work, is a source of high-quality business undertakings and investment projects of the highest growth potential.